Hemp Tea Dales Blend

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Hemp Tea picked by hand and blended right here in Yorkshire. We don't just blend our loose hemp leafs, we also sample each and every batch ourselves to make sure it tastes just right, after all we are connoisseur of Hemp. All our hemp tea blends are 100% organic, vegan friendly and caffeine FREE!

  • Sealed air tight foil pouch to keep freshness.
  • Ideal for tea infusers and coffee cafetieres.
  • Fine blend ideal for tea infusers or cafeteria.
  • Hand blended loose herbal hemp tea.
  • Not freeze dried.
  • 100% Natural with no added chemicals.
  • Packaged in the UK, Yorkshire to be exact!

We offer a number of different blends and weights of hemp tea, be sure to check them all out.

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People who live a healthy lifestyle are always in search of things that are good for them. If it is a beverage you are seeking, then look no further than hemp tea. Our organic tea is a unique form of traditional beverage. It is a high-quality, rich and completely organic herbal tea that is made from the leaves of healthy and non-psychoactive hemp plants. Often referred to as hemp infusion, this hemp tea has a fresh, mild and slightly sweet taste, with a peppery aftertaste. It is packed with an abundance of active phytochemicals and contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), thereby providing you with no ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling. It should not be confused with ‘cannabis tea’, ‘weed tea’ or ‘pot tea’. These similar teas do have psychoactive ingredients such as THC that might alter the senses of the consumer.

Our loose hemp leafs are rich in antioxidants and cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that studies have shown to have considerable medical benefits. Apart from being easier to prepare, our hemp tea provides a convenient alternative to the conventional consumption methods. Unlike smoking, where the effects are usually felt in minutes, our hemp tea has a longer build time due to the body’s absorption of active ingredients through the digestive tract.

To keep up the quality of our tea, pickers harvest and handpick the best hemp before it is refined and packaged. The therapeutic benefits of this tea are enormous. It is highly effective for weight loss, blood sugar control, improving digestion, and the lowering of cholesterol. It has a subtle soothing and relaxing effect on your body, relieving stress and anxiety, improving sleep and calming nausea among others. In addition, our tea has highly nutritious alkaloids and minerals and can even strengthen your immune system when mixed with other therapeutic herbs. For morning sickness and pregnancy-related stress in expectant mothers, taking a cup of hemp tea is often considered as a common effective home remedy. When consumed with ingredients that make it personally enjoyable, hemp tea can be a great social medium to unite people together in a natural and healthy way.

Recommendations for Daily Serving of Hemp Tea

Steep 1-2 teaspoons of dried tea in 1 cup of boiled water for about 5 minutes: Drink up to 3 cups of tea per day. Teaspoon Weight: 1 teaspoon equals 1 gram (1 tsp = 1g). Seal the package after use and store it in a dry place.

Here in our store you can purchase a wide range of tea blends made from 100% organically grown hemp. We also offer a wide selection of natural hemp mélanges with a variety of flavors like hemp tea with blackcurrant, hemp tea with elderberry, hemp tea with nettle etc. Drinking a cup of hemp tea every day might actually be the best way to keep doctors at bay.

Place an order now and enjoy all the benefits of this great Harrogate Hemp Tea blend.


Weight50 g
Dimensions25 × 10 × 40 mm


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  1. Missyhemp

    Love this hemp tea, especially this blend, seems to be better than normal hemp tea for making balms. Certainly comes out greener when heating with coconut oil. Highly recommended and arrived in 2 DAYS! Thanks

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