Certified Organic CBD Oil 500mg

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  • COSMOS Organic & Natural Certified
  • Laboratory tested
  • Contains terpenes
  • EU certified hemp
  • Broad spectrum extract
  • THC-free
  • Handmade
  • Cruelty-free

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Certified Organic CBD Oil? This cannot be true! Thankfully it is true. The Harrogate Hemp Company is one of the first companies in the United Kingdom to introduce a cannabis oil that is COSMOS ORGANIC certified. COSMOS-standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic products, that consumers can trust.

Our 300mg Certified Organic CBD oil sets new quality standards in the Cannabidiol market place. It is a great starter product for those wanting to try it out, low in CBD and low in price.

Nah then, we are not going to ramble on about about CBD and tell you how wonderful our products are, as the chances are you’ve stumbled across our website because you’ve searched for CBD oil and our store has popped up in the Google search. If so, at least we have done something right! However, we would like to educate you about the importance of knowing what ingredients you put into your body and where they come from. We remember way back in 2013/14 when there were only a handful of small companies supplying or trying to supply CBD Oil but since then the internet is a wash with various hemp products and some very dubious health claims.

Know The Source

The hemp plant is a wonder plant in so may ways but did you know this? Industrial hemp is grown around the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine, as the scientist found hemp to significantly reduce soil toxicity. So clearly, as you can see, you need to know where the hemp comes from that is used in a manufacturing process. Just stating European Union or EU nowadays is just not good enough. You should be detoxifying your body, not toxifying it with contaminated hemp plants extracts.

At Harrogate Hemp our ultimate objective is to safeguard the area of CBD use, the welfare of the environment and of people. The COSMOS-ORGANIC standard helps us to achieve this, standards that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.

So to finish off . Our Harrogate Hemp CBD oil is a broad spectrum oil containing 300mg of CBD. It is made using EU Certified Organic Hemp, which contains no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), that’s the stuff that makes you feel “high” and will not cause any psychoactive affects. We like to think we make the best CBD oil for sale in the UK but hey we are bias. So let us know your thoughts after you have made your purchase by leaving us a review, we read them all.

Made with  in Yorkshire​​


Cannabidiol (CBD)

Hemp seed oil – nutritious skin food


*Cannabis sativa seed oil, ***Cannabis sativa seed extract

*Organic certified ingredients

***Contains cannabidiol (CBD) which is naturally present in the raw material

95 % organic of total

95 % organic of total without water and minerals

100 % natural origin of total

How To Use

Our CBD oil is a tincture. It can be taken by applying a few drops under your tongue, holding in your mouth for a few moments so it can be absorbed, before swallowing. It can also be added to water or smoothies.

When it comes to dosage, guidelines state you should start with the smallest possible dose – its effects should be immediate, so you will be able to tell if the lower dosage is working for you. However, it’s always best to consult your doctor before trialling any new CBD product.

Lab Analysis


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