Hemp Tea

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Are you a tea drinker? If you didn’t know one of the most popular pastime in the UK is, yes you’ve guested it, drinking tea. It’s therefore no surprise to us to see an increase in sales of our organic hemp tea. There’s also one other reason for the interest in our hemp teas, their apparent therapeutic benefits. To maintain the quality of our tea, pickers harvest our hemp by hand Selected before  it is refined and packaged.

CBD and THC is NOT Water Soluble

Many people believe that to make hemp tea is straight forward, in fact just like making a normal cup of tea, hot water and a cup. However, this is not the case for the following reason. There are to main compounds within our industrial hemp called cannabinoids, one is called THC the other is CBD. Many people that drink hemp tea believe that they are actually drinking CBD and THC in a cup however this is not the case. WHY? Purely because CBD and THC in its natural form is NOT water soluble. It’s that simple. Read on if you want to make a better cuppa with a bit of BUTTER.

Making Organic Hemp Tea with Butter

Take your stems or buds break them up, ideally grind them and drop into a mug.
Place half a tea spoon of butter on a microwaveable plate and heat for 5/10 seconds or until it melts, it won’t take long!
Add the butter to the broken drown stems or buds and mix with a folk, add a small amount of hot water if  stems or buds a really dry.
Now, boil your kettle and fill the mug, stir for 15-30 seconds, squeeze the stems/buds, until the water will turn greenish.
Strain the mug into a fresh mug and stir again.

Enjoy Hemp Tea

Since THC/CBD is not soluble in water alone it requires a fatty substance to cling onto under high heat. The combination of the high heat from the hot water and the fat from the butter removes the THC/CBD from the ground buds and allows you to ingest it.

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