hemp tea reviews

Hemp Tea Reviews

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It’s GREAT! to read such positive feedback in our Hemp Tea Reviews on our product pages.  We’ve only been producing these blends for the past 3 weeks but it looks like we’ve got our blends just right. All those long days and late nights blending and testing the teas are paying off. Here’s what some of our customers have said so far:

“Excellent hemp tea, seems to have a calming effect on me, which is great. So impressed I’ve already ordered more.” 

“Very pleased to have discovered this hemp tea from Harrogate Hemp. It is good value and the quality of the tea is great. I use this to help me sleep, I have a cup just before bed and sleep all the night through.”

“This tea smells great! The dried leaves are quite pungent and smell strongly of hemp. The first taste is more potent than I would expect. It’s fresh, sweet, grassy and lightly bitter. Possible one of the best ones tasted so far. Will be trying the other blends once I’ve finished this bag.”

We produce three blends of hemp tea, each one slightly different. Be sure to check them all out in our store


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