Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm with Cannabis Extracts

The skin is our biggest organ, and is not a solid barrier. It easily absorbs whatever products we put on it every day, including nasty synthetic and harsh chemicals such as petroleum. Our hemp tattoo balm is 100% natural, and contains no petroleum, harsh chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Tattoo balm is gentle enough for use on the most sensitive skin, especially after you have had a new tattoo.

Tattoo Balm Contains Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a key ingredient for beautiful looking skin and hemp is the only plant oil that contains it. The easiest way for vitamin D to get where it needs to go in the body is via application to the skin. High in linoleic acid, our hemp tattoo after care balm keeps the skin supple and the vitamin E and antioxidants moisturise and protect against the signs of ageing. Naturally antibiotic and anti fungal, our hemp tattoo aftercare balm is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help to regenerate the skins protective layer.

Dry Itchy Skin

Hemp balm provides instant relief from dry, itchy, flaky or cracked skin, for example where people have had permanent makeup procedures or tattoos.  and helps new tattoos heal faster by providing an antiseptic seal. It penetrates deeply, to repair and nourish dry outer skin, restoring and regenerating skin cells. Whilst protecting against damaging UV rays, it also brings out the colour and shine of older tattoos. When applied to the skin regularly you will notice a real improvement in the skins tone, flexibility and softness, as the hemp balm increases the skins ability to retain moisture.

Tattoo Balm

Hemp balm naturally rejuvenates the skin, promotes healing, moisturises and restores the skins suppleness. It also works really well following laser removal of tattoos, moisturising the skin and promoting rapid healing.