Mens Grooming Products

The high moisturising properties of hemp oil used in our mens grooming products nourishes not only the skin and scalp, but also the beard and facial hair. The three staples in beard care – beard oil, beard balm and beard wax – are all similar but they all serve different purposes. Hemp beard oil helps to support and grow all different types of facial hair and is an essential male grooming product. The pure ingredients will allow you to maintain the well-groomed look and the facial hair will benefit greatly, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable feeling beard.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is essential for any man trying to grow and establish their beard as it cuts down the itching and irritation which usually occurs within the first few months of growth. Hemp oil prevents breakage and split ends as the hairs grow and helps to set the optimal conditions for growing a healthy looking beard. When applied first thing in the morning after washing, the hair follicles and pores are open, allowing the hemp beard oil to penetrate deeply and nourish the cells. You can buy our range or beard oils in our mens grooming products category.

Beard Wax

Hemp beard wax and moustache wax, like the oil, is an awesome grooming product that is great for styling whilst helping to keep the flyaways down. It is widely used at beard competitions to help sculpt and hold the beard in place, basically like hairspray but good for your beard and the environment. It keeps your beard protected from weather elements like wind and rain while at the same time keeping your beard looking great.

Mens Grooming Products

Recommended for shorter beards, Hemp beard balm has the conditioning components of oil,  and the holding elements of wax, although is not quite as strong. Hemp beard balm will continue working long after you apply it, similar to a leave in moisturiser for your hair. The exceptional hydration properties of hemp beard balm and the protective qualities help to moisturise the hair shaft, protecting against dangerous UV rays and wind damage.