Hemp Shampoo

Hemp shampoo contains hemp oil which is bursting with nutrients, including vitamin E and Zinc. It contains more essential fatty acids than any other oil in the plant kingdom, and is one of the most commonly added ingredients in natural body care products. It is the perfect ingredient to add, because of the ideally balanced combination of omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids within it.

Hemp Shampoo vs. Hair Loss

Products containing hemp naturally combat the signs of ageing, whilst at the same time promoting growth, and this makes our shampoo ideal for those who are suffering from hair loss. Hemp shampoo made with oils from the hemp seed help to restore cells that have been damaged by other excessively harsh hair care products, colouring, bleaching, excessive perms and harsh chemicals.

Hemp Supplements Karatin

Using hemp shampoo regularly, supplements Keratin, the protein which makes up 90% of your hair, and boosts healthy hair growth. Hemp shampoo increases the scalps capacity to retain more of its natural moisture due to the moisturising properties of the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil. It helps to soothe and even restore skin that is dry or damaged and regular use of hemp shampoo will help to prevent hair breaking, a common problem, due in most part to excessive dryness.

Split Ends

Hemp seed oil shampoo, with its excellent emollient properties, helps to support natural healthy hair texture, whilst also strengthening the scalp. You may find that regular use of hemp shampoo means that you no longer need to use any conditioner after washing your hair. High in Vitamin E and Zinc, hemp oil stimulates the capillaries and improves blood flow so that follicles remain nourished, thanks to the improved blood circulation in the scalp, and are better able to support new hair growth. Split ends are prevented and the vibrancy of your hair colour is maintained.

If you want hair that not only looks, but actually is, healthier and shinier, you should be using hemp shampoo.