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Harrogate Hemp Hemp Tea

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UK Hemp Tea

If you are looking to buy local hemp tea, then look no further than the Harrogate Hemp hemp tea. We blend organic loose leaf hemp tea right here in the heart of North Yorkshire, Harrogate in the UK.

Harrogate Hemp hemp tea is know for its calming effect but did you also know it is high in anti-oxidants, magnesium and iron? Our tea is available in three different and delicious varieties, Dales Blend, Moors Blend and our most popular one being the Harrogate Blend, it’s great for tea infusers.

Hemp Tea CBD

Each one of our blends is rich in CBD also know as cannabidiol and none contain irritating chemical compounds like tannins and tein, commonly found in coffee and normal tea.

How To Make Hemp Tea

If you have ever wondered how to make hemp tea, have a read of our blog for our own unique recipe and why we recommend using butter in your brew

Hemp Tea Bags

We will be introducing hemp tea bags very soon, this a great way to make a cup of hemp tea without the hassle of a tea infuser


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