Hemps in Our Name

Made with ♥ in Yorkshire, the Harrogate Hemp Company

How It All Began

"Where does my story begin? Well, it begins right here with the Harrogate Hemp Company. Eczema! For those of you who have ever suffered with Eczema, you will know how frustrating it can become. Despite numerous trips to the doctors, being prescribed four different types of antibiotics, spending over £100 on creams and steroid tablets, it would not heal up. In addition, as a consequence of taking steroids, my weight increased by 12 kg; it then took me another 8 weeks to wean myself off them plus another 6 months to lose the weight again! I was at rock bottom."

The Chance Meeting

"It was by chance during a business meeting I mentioned to a colleague that I had problems curing repeated bouts of Eczema. She suggested that I should try some hemp balm or cream. Hemp? I  thought hemp was for cooking but I was willing to trying anything out. Great I thought, lets buy some hemp and give it a go, now this is where the problems began. My skin is very sensitive and I know that it will not tolerate any harsh chemicals, especially around my eyes where my Eczema causes the most problems.

"I managed to purchase some hemp balm, apparently the best, from a well known brand and applied it around my eyes, backs of my legs and inner arms, WOW! did it sting. I continued using it for 4 days with no beneficial results, so I thought this can't be right. Curious, I had a look at the ingredients and to my surprise there in small print, Polyacrylamide. Polyacrylamide can break down into known carcinogen called acrylamide and I was putting it around my eyes! No wonder my Eczema did not improve."

Organic Harrogate Hemp

"Now I started to think about ingredients, natural certified ingredients that could be traced back tharrogate hemp company logoo source. After all I wanted to know what I was applying to my body and that seemed only right. First of all I did plenty of research, requested samples and started blending my own unique ingredients. Through trial and error I eventually "invented" my own hemp balm that had a remarkable healing effect on my own Eczema and guess what, all the ingredients were certified organic. I've been using it now for the past 4 months and will continue to do so."

Skincare and Supplements

Dan Mears is the Managing Director of one of the best hemp shops in the UK, the Harrogate Hemp Company. In addition he is also an experienced business strategy consultant and a local Harrogate resident. He founded the Harrogate Hemp Company in early 2016 to pursue his dream of manufacturing and selling certified organic hemp skincare, oils, teas and CBD supplements. The business continues to grow with the additions to the product range all made for those seeking affordable certified organic hemp skincare and supplements without having to compromise on the quality.

Making the best with ♥ in Yorkshire.