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Food Supplements

In recent years the hemp industry has been abuzz with the virtues of the food supplement CBD oil. At the forefront of organic CBD oil supplements and hemp exploration is the Harrogate Hemp Company. Run by a dedicated team of individuals in based in Yorkshire, UK.

CBD Oil from Hemp

We extract CBD from legal, non-psychoactive, low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) strains of hemp and as a result produce high quality food supplements in the form of oils. Industrial hemp does not contain the same high-THC concentrations as cannabis, so it will not get you high and there are very few side effects, if any.

Certified Organic

The Harrogate Hemp Company has been leading the way in CBD oil production across the UK. We ensure our are crops using the highest certified organic standards; growing them with NO fertilizers, NO pesticides, and NO herbicides of any kind. We accomplish this by rotating the land to maintain fresh soil and nutrients.

CBD Oil Trend

You have to be careful about which supplement oil businesses you buy from, as there are many small businesses simply look to cash in on this new trend. Always buy from a trusted source like the Harrogate Hemp Company.

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