Yorkshire Hemp Since 1823

Yorkshire Hemp, grown in Yorkshire since 1823! Surprised? Well, furthermore Queen Elizabeth I ordered all landowners in the area must grow hemp or be fined. In addition 1890 Queen Victoria began using hemp oil prescribed by her doctor to relieve cramp pain, so impressed by its effectiveness she used it monthly. Many wealthy but sickly visitors travelled to Harrogate, including other Royals, to attend the multifarious treatment rooms and hydrotherapy baths. By the 1840 hemp was being touted as one of the

wonder-medicines of the age.

Certified Organic Hemp

We seek out only the finest certified Organic hemp to use in our range of personal skincare, grooming and health products. Our hemp does not contain harsh chemical ingredient, artificial preservatives and No parabens, sulphates, artificial colours or artificial fragrances. This also includes no nasty fertilisers or pesticides. Furthermore all our suppliers work hard to reinvest locally and encourage replanting where possible, thus solidifying our commitment to ethical standards as well as excellent quality.
Made with ♥ in Yorkshire.

Harrogate Hemp Brand

Living organic? If so you’ll love our Harrogate Hemp brand. We use natural ingredients in all our exclusive products. Our skincare ranges are intended to re-hydrate the skin and our supplement oils are high in essential fatty acids, Omega 6, Omega 3 and our CBD Oil can be used as part of a nutritional program. Hemp is a wonderful heal all plant, it is great for repairing damaged skin and hair. That is why we use it in all our products, beard balms, oils and creams. In addition we also use, where we can ingredients certified by

Certified by The Soil Association.



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Bodycare and Nutrition

Hemp, The Natural Approach

Hemp, especially organic has become increasingly popular in the natural cosmetics and food market. That’s why when you shop online with the Harrogate Hemp Company, you open up a whole new and unique range of health, wellness and lifestyle products.

Our products will not only make you feel good, look good but they will also help you perform at your best. To view our full range we invite you to visit our collection.

What Our Customers Say

I started using the Harrogate Hemp body cream about a month ago, I wish I found used it sooner! I found the best time for me to use it was right after a shower, keeps my skin moist and hydrated. Look forward to trying their other products soon!

Sophie Appleton

CBD oil from hemp? I had never heard of it before but I wish I had. I now take CBD as part of my normal healthy lifestyle to deal with the stresses of life, it’s great!

Clare Deakins

Hemp tea leaves are so tasty and kind of relaxing. I’m now addicted to hemp tea, it’s certainly worth adding some honey for sweetness.

Simon Watson

Hemp beard oil, great stuff! I’ve purchased quite a few beard oils over the years now I could not live without it. Beard oil keeps my skin moist furthermore my beard FANTASTIC!

Neil Gordon

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